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   DanYang Sports Goods Co.,Ltd. is located in the hometown, is a development, manufacturing, sales and service in one, with strong technical strength, professional production of various fencing clothing manufacturers. With twenty years of history, is the main processing base fencing clothing. Has for the country, France, the Netherlands, Singapore and other countries customers processing fencing clothing (see success stories) of our sales have been sold throughout China and overseas, such as Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions.

   In the new era, there are new developments in our company, our fencing services in 2007 the first test by 800 Newton. Fencing clothing produced by many of the big game at home and abroad to use. Practice has proved that the product specifications of our products are compliant with international rules and standards, the product has been widely acclaimed, trusted by customers.

   In the production of fencing clothes, it had also developed a fencing accessory products, with leggings, retaining sleeve, coach service, metal cloth pullovers, men and women chest protector and other products, further new and old customers to a war-type procurement needs. 

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